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The mission of the Greek Chef is to promote to the world the authentic, traditional Greek cuisineand it's history, cooking techniques, products, way of living, hospitality and its people that gives this unique identity that is called GREEK.

The content of this site is targeted to all visitors that have a connection to what is GREEK, or would like to find out about it. Professional or amateur; business person or entrepreneur; cook or Chef; restaurant worker or owner; buyer or supplier; visitor or hotelier; in Greece, in the USA or global.

Our goal is to introduce you to people and venues that promote the authentic Greek cuisine and hospitality and help you understand the philosophy of the Greek mentality.

A note from the editor

I am a Greek Chef living in the USA. I was not born in Greece but my ancestors are Greek.

I lived in South Africa and Europe, yet I was brought up the Greek way, I am proud to be potrait tonyGreek and learned to respect and love the countries that offered me a home and a living.

In my 45 years of experience in the food industry I had the opportunity to work with great businessmen, talented Chefs, amazing ingredients, learned the secrets of many cuisines, such as Portuguese, Indian, Italian and French. From the very beginning of my career I’ve used some of the best meats, fish and game, vegetables and exotic fruits, mysterious spices and hundreds of aromatic herbs.

In South Africa I understood what Fusion actually means because of the many different nationalities that lived together shared and intermix their cuisines.
Later in Greece I began to understand the values of my native cuisine, the goodness of the Greek taste and the tradition that comes with it.
Two great teachers, the late Alexandros Yiotis and Evi Voutsina along with many other friends and colleagues which I will introduce to you in a later stage, made me a fanatic in my gastronomic journey.

My decision to create this site stems from my desire to promote Greek food and culture around the world. My country is the birth of the great Mediterranean cuisine and healthy eating. People must see what the real Greek cuisine is; we must educate our customers as much as our staff. When other ethnic restaurants are keeping their identity and promoting their real taste and cuisine why can’t we?

You don’t always have to use Greek ingredients to cook Greek nore do you have to be in Greece or even in a Greek restaurant. One thing for sure… you have to be Greek to cook Greek or to have lived and learn in Greece to cook Greek. It’s not only the knowledge that gives you the ability to cook Greek; it is the spirit that comes with it and the taste of Greek food that is embedded in your DNA. Even with my vast knowledge of various international cuisines I could never bring out the true flavors in cooking as an Indian Chef, an Italian, Japanese, Mexican or even grill like an Argentinian Chef. But all the same, they could never cook real Greek either.

There are many young incredible Greek Chefs around the world today with new and exciting techniques and passion to do what must be done, let’s help them do so.

I am an old traditional Greek Chef who is trying to save and promote his Greek identity. I was awarded from Greek Taste Beyond Borders (GTBB) organisation to the first Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy in March 2019. 

Join in and support this movement, you might enjoy being Greek as well.


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