The ‘Grecopaths Team’ consists of local experienced people & licensed partners who are specialized in several outdoor activities such as:
Hiking, cycling, horse riding, yoga exercises in nature, water sports, food tours.

Our main guidelines are: Agrotourism, Gastrotourism and Alternative Forms of Tourism.

grecopaths boat

Also because the above guidelines are important for us to motivate the children at their early age, we have organized special experiential educational programs which are addressed to children in primary and secondary education levels.
We work in Nafplio city, the prefecture of Argolis & through the neighboring prefectures of the Peloponnese.

grecopaths walk

Our mission is to make you, our visitor, feel like a local. To make you feel like you belong to our group of friends, that you belong to nature, and that you too can discover the forgotten historical paths that are known to only a few of us locals.

The ‘Grecopaths team’, promotes visits to locations which combine historical, archaeological, cultural, and gastronomical interests with our activities.

If you’ve had enough of crowded places, and seek less famous places. Yοu will always search for a reason to take your backpack and wish to go where local people hang out, don’t wait any longer! Follow the ‘Grecopaths team’!

grecopaths palamidi

We would like to show you the beauty of our homeland and of the places we love and grew up in. We would like to show you our mythical land whose great past you can still feel in the breeze!

Forgotten historic paths, traditional villages, authentic local tastes, offering amazing experience. Isolated beauty awaits us!

We can arrange for you, your accommodation needs – from 5 star hotels to camping – all at great value packages. We have partnered with other like-minded local businesses to offer you ideal packages that provide you with quality services & value-for-money prices!

Human relations, action, nature, tradition, respect to history, safety, authenticity of our services are some of our guidelines of everything we have to offer.

Our slogan?

‘Explore like a local, feel like a local’!

for information visit Grecopath

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