Greeks Do Not Want to be Pitied

And the saga continues … Everybody here is waiting to see what will happen here in Greece.

By Elena Paravantes RD

I, as most Greeks am hoping a solution will soon be found. For the time being, the economy is more on my mind than food, so I will share some thoughts:

Lately there have been several well-meaning articles inviting and urging readers to help Greece by buying Greek products or planning a vacation in Greece. My answer is this:

We would rather you visit Greece and buy Greek products because you like them, not out of pity.

We would rather you visit Greece for its beaches, its nightlife, its weather, its food, its history, its cafes, its mountains ….but not out of pity.

We would rather you buy Greek food products and Greek wine because they taste good, they are authentic, they are wholesome, nutritious…but not out of pity.

We would rather you buy Greek made clothes, shoes, jewelry because you really like them…but not out of pity.

We would rather you hire a Greek person because they are intelligent, educated, hard-working…but not out of pity.

It is said that pity involves the belief in the inferiority of the object and as a result can easily insult or humiliate the recipient. This is true, we all have experienced it at a personal level, and it also applies to a nation as well.

So yes Greece has many things to offer to a consumer, a traveler, a foodie, but please explore them out of interest not out of pity.

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