Bakalo Greek Eatery

The location is a traditional Mykonian house dating back to the 18th century.

Complete with a courtyard garden, wishing well, archway and of course the thick white washed walls. This was the setting for intimate and cosmopolitan nights on Mykonos.

bakalo garden bakalo table bot

In the picturesque neighborhood of Lakka, in the heart of the old Town of Mykonos, Bakaló opened its doors and brought back memories long forgotten of real traditional Greek food, containing aromas and flavors from every corner of Greece. The menu is served in a warm, hospitable atmosphere combined with a sophisticated style and design.

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Our menu is made up of dishes served in a Greek household, recipes that mothers kept secret from friends and relatives. The ingredients used come from all over Greece. The dishes are carefully prepared, respecting the taste buds of those that quest for authentic Greek cuisine served in a stylish environment and relaxed mood, the stuff that treasured memories are made of...

bakalo salad bakalo kserotigana

The Team

Three friends who live and love Mykonos, Nikos Nanou, Egidio Guerreri and Vicky Hatzidakis, all coming from different career paths of journalism, psychology, law, and tourism, decided to work together. They realized that the island did not offer a restaurant that served traditional Greek cuisine in an authentic and aesthetically pleasing environment. Armed with their extensive experience in hospitality and passion for food, they created Bakaló.

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Wanting to stay true to their vision, they entrusted Bakaló chef, Yiannis Gavalas to design the menu. Chef Gavalas has extensive experience and knowledge of Greek cuisine and made it his task to find the best and tastiest ingredients from all over Greece. He has created dishes for Bakaló that respect the Greek tradition of cooking.


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