History of Ingredients in Greek cuisine

Starting with the fact that the ancient Greeks had very few of the ingredients that exist today, they ate only what mother earth give to them.

Fish from the sea that surrounds the mainland and islands, a bit of game since the rest of meat stock was used for dairy products, wheat and barley, bread and rusks, olives and olive oil, vinegar, some vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts, honey, cheeses and wines. Wild herbs found everywhere (still today) oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint and bay leaves. Salt was the only seasoning used as well as garum (same as fish sauce) and salted water.

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Later, Alexander the Great brought new ingredients to Greece from Africa, Persia and India. With these ingredients were created some of today’s traditional dishes.

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More ingredients, spices, herbs, exotic fruit came through the Mediterranean Sea when travelers used the Greek ports for trading. With the discovery of the Americas and the ideal climate for agriculture in Greece, gastronomic identity was born. The use of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, baby marrows, lemons, peppers, many pulses and legumes, new fruit, cinnamon, cloves and cumin were added together with new cooking techniques from Europe and abroad. The fact that Greece was under the occupation of the Romans, Venetians and Turks is evident on the names of many Greek dishes still used to this day.

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Our dishes are simple, homey, slow cooked, healthy and tasty. You can feel the Greek hospitality – filoxenia- through the way the food is served. Bread and water always first on the table followed by starters (Meze), small dishes served in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Salads made only with seasonal ingredients, wild greens collected by hand from the ground as well as cheeses and dips, fresh fish and seafood, casserole and oven cooked dishes cooked with love and care.

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Fruit, sweets wrapped in syrupy crispy pastry concludes a superior gastronomic experience accompanied by fine wine, music, laughter and joy.

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