Chef Stella Spanou

Chef, cookbook author and gastronomy photographer, always happy and vibrant!!!


stelllas spanou photoHead chef ", since 2011 in a company organize culinary events and catering to 40 - 150 persons.

I produce seasonal handmade gourmet sauces and appetizers. Organize culinary events, seminars and cooking courses for adults and children in collaboration with the Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition. Consulting to selected restaurants for creating menus on traditional Greek cuisine.

Member of the Hellenic chefs club.

Was appointed gastronomic advisor within the framework of the Conference organized by the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace at the KING GEORGE PALACE hotel in Athens, where dishes of traditional local recipes were offered.

Collaborated with the national network for TV production of gastronomical documentary and have made appearances on Greek Television in cooking shows.

Collaborated with the TV production company C.A.T.V. of Israel in making documentaries about Northern Greece gastronomy released in 15 Mediterranean television networks.

I have written numerous recipes for many Greek magazines.

I cooked and presented the cuisine of Halkidiki to international chefs and journalists During the Sani Gourmet Festival

I was responsible for the presentation of the Greek cuisine - gastronomy during the 3-day event of the Greek Embassy in Syria within the framework of the festivities for “Damascus, Capital of Arab culture for 2008”.

Responsible for the planning of the 1st festival of local products and flavors 2008 and 2010 on behalf of Kavala’s Prefectural Department. The number of participants amounted to 130 cultural associations and 150 businesses active in the processing of primary sector.

Participation in the 1st Greek National Gastronomy Conference 2011, organized by Hellenic Chef Club in Athens. The main subject, “Kalimera Breakfast” was about the establishment of Greek style breakfast for the Greek hotels.

Advisor in the Steering Committee of the 15th Convention of Greek Regions that took place in Kavala, 2006.

 Director of the Tourism Company of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 2002 to 2004.

Collaborated with the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace from 2004 to 2008 in organizing events and promoting local gastronomy.

In the 2004 Olympiad events, I was responsible for the promotion of local nutritional products.

Worked for tourist units of Halkidiki, Crete and Thessaloniki as a receptionist from 1985 to 1996

I have written the following books

1. Love Tastes 2005
2. Smells and Tastes 2007
3. Kavala flavors 2010
4. Thracian cuisine 2013
5. Taste of Kilkis 2015
6. Halkidiki receipes is to be published soon

My edition, “Kavala Flavors” received a Gourmand World Cookbook award in Paris in the world category for best cookbook photography of 2010.

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