Chef Christos Tzieras

A Chef who works hard and plays harder with hobbies such as tennis, cross fit, boxing, martial arts, wind surfing… when he feels romantic he takes creative writing, studying various philosophical theories, movements and cultures.

Chef Christos Tzieras was born in Kranea Elassonas. He entered the field of gastronomy after the encouragement of a friend to study at the School of Tourism in Anavyssos.

Since then, 25 years of excellence had follows his exciting career; a career he had never dreamt of himself. He was born for cooking. He grew up with memories of his grandmother’s cooking in his home in Larisa. Soon he realized that he wants to make people happy with his dishes and discover the world and its cultures through cooking.

“Cooking helps you to express yourself” he says “today more than ever as cooking is becoming a science. You have to study hard in order to succeed in this profession now” he adds.
Chef Christos continues to say “New ingredients, new techniques and equipment, the science of taste and presentation, makes my cooking a trip to my inner soul”

tzieras sarantos

After finishing his studies Chef Christos worked at the Athens Intercontinental Hotel. There he met his mentor Chef Nikos Sarantos… “He changed everything for me, I got to know the secrets of the kitchen, and he taught me that cooking is almost like taking part in a championship” said Christos. In 1994 he won the first place in the Young Chef National Competition, representing the Intercontinental Hotel.

Many hotels and restaurants followed in Greece and abroad; the London Intercontinental, Pilpoul restaurant, Graigendarroch in Scotland, Cosmos restaurant and he was one of Prince Charles of England guests to promote British beef.

He took part in many gastronomy seminars at cooking schools in Milan, Venice and Parma, England, Bangkok, Germany, Istanbul and New York, acquiring knowledge of many different culinary cultures.

tzieras chicken

For the last ten years he is the executive Chef of Boletsi-Panagopoulos group for: Velle Amie (winning the gold prize in taste) Verde café-restaurant, Montanema restaurant and Pizotecca in New Smyrni and Piraeus.

Christos is not only an accomplished Chef but he has excellent managerial skills as well.
Many businesses throughout Greece boast his signature on their menu; some of them are, Café Chocolat, Belle-hellen restaurant, Crystal, Dorsia, Semeli and Paspartou.

He has written hundreds of magazines articles and has presented many of his recipes on TV.

tzieras girl

What characterizes Chefs Christos identity is his multi-cultural style, mixing different cultures and cuisines. He has gone through the flavors and aromas of exotic Thailand, Europe, American and Turkey, all these topped with his real passion, the Greek cuisine.

All he wants to do in the future is to return to his Greek roots and start all over again. He would like to have his own place where he can grow his produce cook for his friends and family, and not be judged or criticized but to offer and share his creations. “I have lived the happiest moments of my life around a table” he says.

He is married and father of two children.

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