Chef Stamatis Tsilias

I remember my grandmother who was from Pringipo, cooking and creating “magic” with herbs and spices. I too wanted to be a magician in the kitchen.

tsilias tatoo

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Stamatis Tsilias. I am married and have a daughter. I was born and raised in Egaleo, Athens. My origin is from a small village called Neohori in the island of Samos.

What gave you the motivation to become a chef?
I remember my grandmother who was from Pringipo, cooking and creating “magic” with herbs and spices. I too wanted to be a magician in the kitchen.

Where did you take your culinary education?
I studied at the Palmier culinary school and at the N.C.F.E.

How long have you been cooking professionally?
The last 7 years I am working as a Head Chef... Previously I have worked in Moscow, in the island of Mykonos, in Crete and in Athens.

tsilias headWhat is your style of cooking?
My style of cooking is Modern Greek cuisine. I like to be creative with traditional recipes and give them another dimension. I also like to create my own recipes.

Does your Greek background affect your favors when cooking abroad?
Many times the Greek character comes out in the flavor of our food, but how bad could that be… we have after all the most remarkable cuisine.

Is it difficult to cook Greek food away from Greece?
I believe so; it is very difficult to cook Greek in a foreign land, if you don’t have the necessary ingredients, produce and weather.

How important are the ingredients you use in Greek cuisine?
Ingredients are the most essential part of cooking. When a good Chef has all the beautiful and aromatic herbs and all the other good things that the Greek land offers, he can do “magic”.

Do you have a favorite ingredient?
My favorite ingredient is the wild thyme.

Highlight the best moment in your career
The highlight of my career was, my award winning and nomination with the title of Chef from La Chaine, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Tell us about your work in Bulgaria?
I am the executive Chef at the Premier Hotel in Bansko, Bulgaria. Taking this assignment was a personal bet. I still have a lot to try and achieve.

Is there a chef you admire?
Hmm, a chef that I admire? Many, but mostly those who are prepared to sacrifice their family, friends and country to pursuit for their passion in gastronomy.

What will your future plans involve?
I do not plan for the future. Instead I like to live the present as passionately as I can.

Tell us about your favorite life style… the Harley style!!!
Harley is my life, and the club members are my brothers!!! I get many weird stares because of my tattoos, long hair and my leather jacket. But this is what I live for, my passion. My tattoos express my love for Harley, Rock and Roll and freedom that only a “rider” knows how to feel and not because I am a Chef.

Finally, if you had to be in charge of Greece’s gastronomy, what is the one thing you would do to promote our cuisine to the world?
That Greece in not only “moussaka”!!!

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