Samian Cuisine

The Samian cuisine has specific tastes, with many influences from the Greek refugees of Asia Minor. That gives us a wonderful palette of dishes that go in harmony with our lovely wines. For the local dishes we used local products, and Samos wild herbs like, savory, arbaroriza or barmparoriza (pelargonium).

Specialties of Samian cuisine include the famous goat rib cage stuffed with rice, herbs and livers baked slowly in the oven as well as leg of lamb with garlic and potatoes.

Unique is the dish called “Yiorti” meaning Festive, cooked by the church followers only the day of celebration of the saint’s name. It is made with goat meat, which is boiled for about 12 hours in a cauldron, with lots of onions and wheat. The thick stew is served hot immediately after the Divine mass.

samos giorti
Fish and seafood play a big part of the Samian cuisine. Squid with spinach; Sun dried and grilled or pickled octopus, small rock fish grilled or fried and served with tziladia (olive oil, lemon, oregano and chopped onion), baked fish “plaki” with sweet wine and a little vinegar.

samos octopus
When visiting Samos don’t forget to try the stuffed tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions and zucchini, filled with rice and fresh herbs, cooked in the oven.

Yiaprakia (dolmades) with vine leaves gathered in May and June, as well as zucchini blossoms collected only with the morning dew, stuffed with rice and cooked in the pot or filled with cheese and fried in fluffy batter. “Revithokeftedes” chickpea patties with plenty of garlic!!! Unique delicate “bureks” pies made with crispy homemade dough rolled out by housewife’s, filled with yellow pumpkin and local cheese, cinnamon and other spices, then fried or baked. These scrumptious pies are served sprinkled with cheese or honey.

samos gemista

Delicious are the “katimeria”, very simple dough like ribbons made with flour, water, oil, a pinch of salt. Fried and served as an appetizer with grated dried or fresh cottage cheese “mizithra” or sprinkled with honey or molasses.

samos katimeria

Speaking of molasses I must tell you about the jelly (moustalevria) which is made during grape harvesting season. The must (the juice from the grapes) is boiled with ash and basil, it is then strained to remove any grime, adding flour and simmer for a very long time. Then it is poured in containers to set and topped with roasted sesame, walnuts and cinnamon to make this unique dessert.

These specialty dishes can be found in almost every local taverns and restaurants on the island!!!!
All dishes are accompanied by plenty of Samos wines and “suma”, which resembles tsipouro or raki.
Famous for its vineyards, Samos produces excellent wine varieties, exported to many countries and has won international awards.
In Samos you can sample and purchase many local products such as vine leaves, sundried tomatos, honey, sweets, ouzo, excellent olive oil, olives, essential oils, herbs and local top quality cosmetic soap.

samos win2
Samos and its hospitable people are ready to welcome you with many forms of tourism and excellent accommodation!!!

Chef Argiro Zafiri

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