Greek Saganaki… Saganaki what?

When you hear the word saganaki you know you are talking about Greek food!!!

What you not sure off, is what it is? And this is because saganaki is actually the utensil you are using to cook the food in.

saganaki metal
So, saganaki is a small size pan, with two ears like handles (much like the paella pan) made of cast iron, bronze, metal, ceramic or porcelain. And there for whatever you cook in it takes the name Saganaki. The variations? Hundreds, with much in favor, the cheese, shrimps, eggs and sausages, kayiana (the Greek scrabble egg type with tomatoes) mussels and many more.

saganaki loukan
The cheese usually gets wet with water, flour it twice to make a batter like layer, place it in the saganaki with oil to fry, turn over and fry the other side and serve with lemon wedge. In Amerika the Greek restaurants use it for creating a fire-show; when ready throw in a shot of ouzo, fire it up and run through the restaurant so customers can go… wow!!!

saganaki midia saganaki eggs

Great is the shrimp’s saganaki, with a nice fresh tomato sauce, fennel, olive oil and crumbled feta cheese on top. Bake it to cook the shrimps and melt the cheese and serve it with nice crispy bread to use as a spoon so you won’t lose a drop of this yummy sauce.

saganaki shrimp
Eggs and spicy sausages, mushrooms with garlic rosemary and lemon juice, mussels with onion, garlic and fresh tomato sauce… and the list goes on!!!
So, next time you see a saganaki on the menu of your favorite Greek restaurant, don’t go past it, try this lovely starter and let it give you the comfort feeling homemade food does.

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