Four Brothers Boutique American Drive-in

It takes some Greeks to bring back the American Drive-in

The story starts when the Stefanopoulos brothers emigrated from Greece in the early 1970’s with the hopes of success. Their strong unity, cultivated ideas, love for one another, and inspiration is a story to be told.

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Together they opened their first location in Connecticut in 1972. By 1974 the brothers owned five restaurants, one by the name of Brothers Pizza. Since then, the brothers have been accommodating to customers needs by offering unique tastes, consistency, and exceptional service. It was the collaboration of the four brothers that gave way to the name Four Brothers Pizza Inn and its continuing success.

Today, people throughout New England have discovered from personal experience that the best pizza and salads, among other delicious menu items, is to be found at their local Four Brothers location. One can also find their personalized products (4B famous Greek salad dressing, Greek yogurt and cheeses made in their own dairy farm) in the local supermarkets.
Then came the next generation of the Stefanopoulos family, sons, daughters and cousins. Together they manage their small restaurant empire in 9 locations, by bringing energy and developing new ideas.

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"A drive in was something that brought families together...and that was part of our culture", said Yiannis, "but has faded away". And with that in mind the brothers saw potential in bringing back family time, alfresco dining, and entertainment; something that was never tried in our modern time.

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So we combined our food with family entertainment to make it something very special. And that is how this unique boutique Drive-in was born again. Offering double features with first run movies, car hop service, as well as electric car charging stations. The Four Brothers Group designed the Drive In around the spirit of the American Imagination, culture and lifestyle, reflecting family, entertainment, and beautiful memories. Super-premium local food, unique services and amenities, with one goal in mind, to deliver happiness.

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Note from "The Greek Chef": I had the honor of meeting with the Stefanopoulos family in one of my visits upstate New York. Their hospitality and warm reception made me feel like I was a member of their family. This is a family where unity can be admired and envied. And for these reasons and many others they will have continued success for more generations to come.


The Official Video of the Four Brothers Drive In! Credit goes to Monster in the DARK

Posted by Four Brothers Drive In on Wednesday, 3 June 2015

So, next time you are in Amenia, upstate NY, make sure you visit the Four Brothers All American Drive-in and be part of an exciting old-new tradition!!!

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